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How to Create a Monogram Lamp |

How to Create a Monogram Lamp | DIY

How to Create a Monogram Lamp |

Front porch!!!

DIY Flower Lights Using Egg Cartons

DIY Flower Lights Using Egg Cartons - Find Fun Art Projects to Do at Home and Arts and Crafts Ideas

Many people are nowadays taking up fun art projects to improve the look in their homes/building/garden using unique interesting things. These craft projects are only possible thanks to wonderful DIY Ideas. Craft ideas such as DIY Flower Lights Using Egg Cartons will not only help you recycle products, but are great practik ideas that you …

DIY Ruffled Burlap Shade - Cottage at the Crossroads

DIY Ruffled Burlap Shade

I'm back, as promised, with a tutorial on how I made this DIY ruffled burlap shade. Earlier this year when I showed the red ticking ruffled shade on our summer porch, many of you asked how I had made it. Well, I already had the ruffles that I removed from some curtains that I was no longer using so I just hot-glued them to an old shade. Recently when I showed our fall porch, some of you asked how I had made the ruffled burlap shade. So here's what I did. First, I found an old shade the size…

Try these 29 cool DIY lamp shades to match any room in your home.

Creative DIY Lampshades: 29 unique projects

These DIY lampshades range from simple to complex, from vintage style to modern, and from quick to involved. 29 unique DIY projects! One of my favorite Pinterest boards is my Lamp Makeovers board, where I’ve been pinning unique DIYs for both lamp bases as well as lampshades. You can also read a post here for [...]

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How to Transform a Lamp Shade with Fabric

How to Transform a Lamp Shade with Fabric

You would not believe how difficult it has been to find lamps for our bedroom. I mean, they're just shouldn't be that hard, right? I had this vision in my head of walking into a thrift store and finding the perfect lamps for 2 or 3 dollars, giving them a fresh coat of paint, and calling it a day. Aaaaannnnd after searching just about every thrift store in my area, that definitely did not happen. Apparently people in Pittsburgh hold on to their lamps and don't donate them to thrift…

How to Make a Lampshade

how to make lampshades

How to Make a Lampshade

DIY Lampshade Ideas and Tutorials

DIY Lampshade Ideas and Tutorials

DIY lampshade ideas, designs and tutorials.



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Cover wicker storage ottoman with burlap or similar fabric -- DIY: Burlap Ottoman

DIY Burlap Ottoman

If there is one thing that I always need on hand in my home, it's burlap. Given enough burlap I could probably rule the world. I got this only ottoman at a local flea market for $10 Here is a picture of the ottoman before that I took via Instagram... Don't get me wrong, I almost left this lovely floral fabric on this baby because I kind of loved the quirkiness of the pattern and the colors. Needless to say this piece wouldn't have fit anywhere in my home so it had to change... Why would they…

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