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4 Exercise Myths Debunked
Stop demonizing these moves and learn how to control them!
Try This Kettlebell Move!
Here are more amazing moves: https://redefiningstrength.com/10-kettlebell-exercises-for-a-total-body-workout?sl=pinterest
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10 Kettlebell Exercises For A Total Body Workout | Redefining Strength
Try these moves for a full body workout! #kettlebellexercises #kettlebellworkout #fullbodyworkout
Try This KB Workout!
Love the turkish hinge in this killer workout!
20-Minute Backside Blast
The 20-Minute Backside Blast Love this workout from my new 20-Minute Max Out Program. Check it out: https://redefiningstrength.com/20-minute-max-out-2?sl=pinterest Shown here is the circuit portion 💪 Complete 1 round through the warm up before starting the workout. WARM UP: • 30 seconds per side Chest Foam Rolling • 30 seconds per side TFL Foam Rolling • 30 seconds per side World's Greatest Stretch • 30 seconds Scapular Push Ups 30 seconds per side 3-Way Hip Circles WORKOUT: Set a timer for 10 minutes and complete as many rounds through the circuit below as you can in that time. Focus on really challenging yourself on each rep while also not maxing out so you need to rest between moves. Better to keep the reps lower, go heavier and dial in those recruitment patterns to kee
Bench Full-Body Burner
Complete as many rounds as you can without rushing in 25 minutes. CIRCUIT: • 8-12 reps per side Bench Step And Over • 3-5 reps per side Decline Climber Push Ups • 15-20 reps Straight Leg Bench Bridges • 8-12 reps per side Bench Side Plank Adductor Lifts • 10-15 Bench Reverse Crunch Rolls
Dumbbell Hybrid Burner
Set a timer for 30 minutes and complete as many rounds of the circuit below as you can in that time, resting only as needed. Circuit: • 8-12 reps Straight Leg Deadlift And Row • 4-6 reps per side Push Up Pull Thru • 8-12 reps per side Lunge, Curl and Press 8-12 reps Pull Over Sit Up Twists Enjoy!
Landmine Workout
Try the full workout: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQrTi9jr1rZ/?utm_medium=copy_link
Dumbbell Blast
Love these fun dumbbells moves. They make for a great 30s interval blast. Set a timer for 30 second intervals of work per move or side. Do not rest between moves. Rest 30-60 seconds between rounds once all moves are complete. Complete 4-6 rounds through. And fun random side note, note the ab punches in the second to last slide. Sometimes slight tweaks to movements can be progressions in and of themselves. It’s not just about adding loads. This is a fun dumbbell unilateral variation of the knee one I shared the other day!
Quick Kettlebell Blast
Grab your kettlebell and get in a full body workout! Complete 10 reps per move or side and 5 rounds through the circuit. Rest only as needed.
Cable Core Blast
Complete 20 reps per move (per side) the first round, 15 the second and 10 the third for a quick cable blast. Rest only as needed to finish those 3 rounds!
10s Suspension Trainer Blast
Grab your suspension trainer and try this full-body blast! Complete 5 rounds through, 10 reps per move or per side! Rest only as needed! Enjoy!
Dumbbell Hybrid Full Body Workout
Start with 10 reps per move (or per side) and each round go down in reps. The second round will be 9 then 8 then 7 until you’ll do one rep or each (or per side) on the final round.
Landmine exercises
a woman standing next to a barbell with the words 3 common deadlift mistakes
3 Common Deadlift Mistakes
3 common deadlifting mistakes and how to correct them