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Sunny Katya by Anka Zhuravleva on 500px

dare i say i was enamoured | via Tumblr

Cheveux roux et taches de rousseur

Spring fairy by ilona-veresk on DeviantArt

С праздником Дорогие наши мужчины : Мы Вас очень-очень любим by daria_milky

'Ello, I'm Britney! Call me Brit! I'm from Ireland. I moved for my parents' job. Ya see, I live with my father and step-mum and their two twin daughters, Eli and Darcy. I live at camp half-blood over the summer, and come home to attend school. I'm Hemera's daughter, and I love sunny days! I also like fashion, as I am friends with most of the Aphrodite cabin. 'At's all for now, thanks for stoppin' by!

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