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The macabre myths that left us unsettled
The Hulder Maiden: A Bewitching Swedish Story of a Beautiful, but Deceptive Forest Spirit.
The Hulder Maiden is a spellbinding Swedish tale about a forest spirit who lures unsuspecting men into her web with her stunning beauty, only to reveal her true nature as a cunning and dangerous creature. #WeirdFolkloreTales #EerieFables #CreepyMyths #UnsolvedMysteries #MysteriousLegends #BizarreFolktales #SpookyTraditions #StrangeSuperstitions #FreakyMythologies #OddFairyTales
a group of people sitting around a table eating food
Feasts of Family by Humble Homage
Model Poses, Face, African Women, Varun
an image of a woman holding a candle
Aztec Priestess and Warrior Lovers
three native american women standing in the woods wearing headdresses and necklaces
Beleza Nativa da Cultura Indígena
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an old woman with white hair wearing a red scarf
The Old Woman, Uliana
an illustration of a woman with wings on her head, surrounded by flowers and plants
Oyenike by IndiCreates on DeviantArt