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Hear, hear! Please, Uncle Rick, give us a Percabeth marriage!!

we need Annabeth Jackson in Trials of Apollo. because there is none in BoO. I still pinned it because I sooooooo want Annabeth Jackson!

Does Annabeth realize that if she throws him off the boat it legit won't do anything? Well as long as they're over water

I personally believe that Octavian has the worst powers in the book! But I chose to pin this due to the Percabeth cuteness> i think the question was just out of the 7

Nico. Leo does have fangirls. I fangirls over every single one of them.

well it's me and millions of other :) leo is loved and u don't even know about it suckers! I would date leo :) leo is SOOOO SWEET! I am just saying if i could date leo i will kill all the other fangirls soo WATCH OUT!