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an image of how to measure and mix epoxy resinin and hardener
The 5 Steps To Have You Mixing Resin Like An Expert - Resin Obsession
How to measure and mix epoxy resin and hardener in five easy steps - Resin Obsession . #resin #resinobsession #resinart #resinpouring #resinjewelry
the words 10 tips for getting bubbles out of resinon are shown in blue gloves
10 Tips For Banishing Resin Bubbles - Resin Obsession
10 practical tips for getting bubbles out of resin - Resin Obsession . #resin #resinobsession #resinart #resinpainting #resinpouring #resincasting #resincrafts
a person is holding a blue brush over some glitter
How to color clear epoxy resin - Resin Obsession
Learn the 5 secrets about how to color your resin so it looks gorgeous. Use these tips to make your art, jewelry and crafts look amazing.
someone is using a toothbrush to clean their teeth with the words, 12 reasons why your resinin didn't care
Resin didn't cure - 12 reasons why your resin isn't curing - Resin Obsession
Twelve possible reasons why your resin didn't cure including suggestions on how to fix the problem. Helpful, actionable tips! . #resin #resinobsession #resincuring #resincasting #resincrafts
two images with the words u v resinin and epoxy resinin, what's the difference?
What's the Difference Between UV Resin and Epoxy Resin? - Resin Obsession
What's the Difference Between UV Resin and Epoxy Resin? - Resin Obsession
two bottles and a measuring cup with the words how to measure and mix resin in five easy steps
How to measure and mix epoxy resin and hardener in five easy steps - Resin Obsession
Avoid sticky resin and make sure your resin cures hard. Click pin to learn the 5 steps you need to take every time you mix two-part resin. . . . . #resin #resinobsession
the beginner's guide to epoxy resinin casting
Epoxy resin casting – beginner’s guide to resin casting - Resin Obsession
Learn the essential details of epoxy resin casting so you can make something awesome from the first try! Get pro tips, advice and resources to get started. . . . . #resin #resinobsession #resincrafts #resincrafting #resinjewelry #resincasting
a woman holding a plate with the words 8 point checklist for resin finishing
Resin Finishing: Your 8 Point Checklist - Resin Obsession
Once your resin cures, it's important you're finishing it completely. Get a checklist of all the items you need to know.
a cupcake with the number 22 on it sitting next to some cookies and oreos
How to Make a Food Safe Mold - Resin Obsession
a can of paint next to a pink mold sealer with the words 3 reasons to use resin in mold release
Resin mold release - Why I always use it - Resin Obsession
Three reasons why I always use resin mold release
the words 10 pro tips for resinin success before you ever mix resinin and hardener
10 Resin Tactics, Tips And Tricks The Pros Artists Use - Resin Obsession
10 pro tips for resin success - Resin Obsession . #resin #resinobsession #resine #resina #resincasting #resinpainting
a person in blue gloves is pouring something into a glass with the words, what's the fastest way to cut ephy resin?
5 Oddball Ways How to Make Resin Dry Faster - Resin Obsession
What is the fastest way to cure epoxy resin? Get tips for speeding up the cure time of your resin. . #resin #resinobsession #resincasting
a hand holding a small cube with the words 8 things you can do with your leftover resin
What To Do With Leftover resin? 8 Ways To Use It - Resin Obsession
8 ideas for what to do with leftover resin. Have the list handy for the next time you need epoxy resin craft ideas.
a hand holding a blue glass flower in it's center with the words how to bend resin
Bend it Like Resin: How to Bend Resin to Create a Resin Bowl - Resin Obsession
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the words what you need to know about the types of epoxy on a table
What You Should Know About the Types of Epoxy - Resin Obsession
Not all epoxy resins are the same. Learn the differences so you can be sure to use the right one for your project. . . . . #resin #resinobsession #epoxy