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a drawing of a person holding flowers with the words toma ests my fujiu
a cartoon character with red hearts on his head and the words ti ti ti ti tu
a duck with a tie and hat on sitting on a blanket next to a flower vase
a card with an image of a bunny on it's back and the words que hoy tod salga bonito, como to
a cartoon character holding a stack of pancakes with the words bontto dia miamor
Ns sjsja Kawaii, Cute Love
a green frog with the words bonito dia te amo 23
dibujos q hago cuando estoy aburria #aesthetic#dibujos #cute #amor
a drawing of a skateboarder with the words te amo stone above it
a drawing of a sign that says recuerda lo mucho que te amo
a card with a teddy bear holding a flower in it's paws and the words, munch quete noy
ajsjja aaaa toda hermosa 🥰
a piece of paper with pink writing on it and hearts around the edges that says,'you are perfect for me '