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an outdoor deck with tables and chairs
Plantscaping Ideas for Decks and Patios
Plantscaping a Deck or Patio | HGTV
a covered patio with seating and an american flag
Beautiful Homes of Instagram (Home Bunch - An Interior Design & Luxury Homes Blog)
Beautiful Homes of Instagram
a cat that is sitting on top of a ceiling
PICTURE 1. "Cat Track" using moulding. Pictures are in the comment section toward the bottom of the page on houzz dated April 4, 2013. Design by Heather Moe. Heather says, "We put crown moulding (with a carpeted top) around the main rooms about 12” from the ceiling. We ran 2 sets of picture ledges up the wall as steps, one in the family room and one in the living room." #CatFurniture
a cat sitting on top of a shelf in a bathroom
Build your own cat furniture - IKEA Hackers
maybe not specifically furniture for cats (although they could maybe finally exercise for cat treats!)
a caged in area with several plants and other things inside it on the ground
Play area for indoor cats..
Play area for indoor cats.. More
a cat in a cage on the grass
Cat Cages & Playpens
Cats love spending time in the fresh air watching bugs, birds and other animals. This Wooden Playpen allows your cat to enjoy the outdoors while remaining safely enclosed. This item can be used as a free-standing structure, attached to your home by removing the back panels, or as an extension. Crafted with eco-friendly fir, durable composite shingles and a weatherproof finish mean this product will endure years of use with very little maintenance.
a cat is sitting on top of a cage in the corner of a room that's next to a building
cat run
a cat sitting in the corner of a room with its door open and windows closed
Litter box in Garage | I built this litter box container in …
Gotta show this to Mom, she will love it...Litter box in Garage by W Photos, via Flickr
a cat house made out of wooden pallets
Aging Cats’ Nutritional Needs Change After Age 11
How To Turn An IKEA Shelf Into A Catio | Cuteness #cutecatsdiy
a black cat sitting on top of a metal cage next to a window and table