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Richard Lutzbauer

Richard Lutzbauer
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Wedding photo checklist

This is the perfect list, but would still like pictures with bridge/groom/grandmothers, and then bride with grandmother and groom with grandmother. Plus lots of candids and decoration pics!

Applying this to composition, the “gravity” of human nature always pulls things back to the center.  In any painting there is a balance of interest, which is reflected in the golden section.  But it can be simplified by imagining a center of gravity on the picture plane; the points of interest may be scattered, but they average out somewhere around the middle of the picture.

Beyond Architectural Illustration: Composition part 2 - The Golden Section & other crutches

Arsenii Savitckii Ventures Outdoors for Shoot by Ascanio Vardan

Premium model up and comer Arsenii Savitckii poses for a new shoot captured in Paris by photographer Ascanio Vardan. Delivering poetic images, Arsenni resonates with a certain peace of mind as he is captured in both color and black & white images.


Fashionisto Exclusive: Tomas Mucha by Adriana Fialova image Tomas Mucha Model Fashionisto Exclusive I can totally see my brother doing this with his leather jacket.