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Lichtenstein Cave Museum - facial reconstruction of Bronze Age family with father

Neanderthal skull reconstruction. Such reconstructions used to look a lot more primitive. Go figure.

The silicone reconstruction of the 'Chancelade Man' created by artist Elisabeth Daynes, which is a reconstruction of a pre-historic human. (and all I keep seeing is Mick Fleetwood from the Mac here!

How our ancestors really looked (and dressed)

Artist and palaeontology expert Elisabeth Daynes, has created the silicone models showing exactly what a pre-historic man and woman would have looked like based on studying their bones.

Prehistoric Hunters and Gatherers by Mats Vänehem

Prehistoric Hunters and Gatherers by Mats Vänehem

Some of the last Neanderthals at the Rock of Gibraltar on the southwestern tip of the Iberian Peninsula by Rodolfo Nogueira

Some of the last Neanderthals at the Rock of Gibraltar by Rodolfo Nogueira

Cro-Magnon women look like . Not very different from modern times .

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The Pavlovian people ate not only meat, but also less abundant plant foods. For example, roots of reeds could be ground by stones, and it was possible to prepare gruel or to bake bread using a hearth or just in embers.

20,000 years later .... Some things never change!

Happiness (Stone Age/Ice Age) by on DeviantArt Panthera Leo Spelaea, Character Art, Character Design, Prehistoric Man, Early Humans, Hunter Gatherer, Ice Age, Stone Age, Ancient History


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Scene from the National Geographic series The Great Human Race

Stone Age | The People of a Forgotten World

domestication during the Paleolithic

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The Palaeolithic Period, or Old Stone Age, describes the time between the first use of simple tools by early human-like creatures (about 3.3 million years ago).

Libor Balák - Bilzingsleben campsite in Central Germany some years ago in the Middle Paleolithic Paleolithic Era, Prehistoric Man, Ages Of Man, Indigenous Tribes, Primitive Survival, Pagan Witch, Minoan, Stone Age, Cool Landscapes

Bilzingsleben campsite in Central Germany some 350,000 years ago. Illustration by Libor Balák.