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Beautiful Nature
there is a strange flower on the table
a goat with long horns standing behind a fence in an enclosure at a zoo or animal park
a bird with orange feathers is perched on a tree branch in the forest and has it's wings spread wide open
1.3 millió kedvelés, 7,616 hozzászólás – National Geographic (@natgeo) Instagram-hozzászólása: “Photo by @TimLaman. Male Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise in full display, Papua New Guinea. My Birds-…”
a bird flying through the air near red berries
1,185 kedvelés, 20 hozzászólás – nejhade (@jafarnejhade8) Instagram-hozzászólása: “Photo by:@joinus12345”
a blue and yellow fish with black stripes on its body
Spectrum Response
a blue and red butterfly sitting on top of a green grass covered field with leaves
This sun loving butterfly a.k.a blue pansy love to bask under the sun lite. Usually found in open grass land.
two butterflies sitting on top of a flower next to each other in the sun and blue sky
451 kedvelés, 3 hozzászólás – Lindolfo Vieira Souto BR (@lindolfosouto) Instagram-hozzászólása: “BORBOLETA SENHORA PINTADA Vanessa myrinna ITARIRI - SP - BRAZIL…”