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children are playing with a large kite in a room
Dešťové kapičky - cvičíme s padákem
Dešťové kapičky - cvičíme s padákem - YouTube
a red sign that says furioso with an angry face
Juego de Cartas para trabajar las emociones con niños y niñas
Cartas de las emociones (2)
the faces of people with different facial expressions are shown in this poster, which is part of
Educación Emocional Inteligencia intrapersonal vamos a trabajar el domino de las emociones
Orientación Andújar: dominó de las emociones
Patrón de construcción de LEGO / patró de construcció de LEGO Legos, Educational Activities, Montessori, Diy, Lego, Montessori Materials, Lego Duplo, Kindergarden - polkapics Resources and Information.
Patrón de construcción de LEGO / patró de construcció de LEGO
someone is holding up their hand with some paper clips in front of them on the table
Prosta gra
Wszystko na temat wielozmysłowego rozwoju dziecka...: Prosta gra
a wooden board with different colored pegs on it and a calendar in the background
a young boy playing with blocks in a play room
Let’s Build! Activities for a Preschool Tools and Construction Theme
Set up an outline and let the child match the blocks. With using the wall they will be able to stack the blocks higher and less of a chance of another child coming and accented knocking it over. This would be great for a construction themed storytime
three young children playing with a hula hoop
18 Outdoor Activities with Kids Perfect for Summer
kleutergym, hoepel "doorgeven"zonder de kring te verbreken...
an orange and yellow ball in a red bucket with a rake on it that says balloon tennis
Balloon Tennis For Gross Motor Play - Little Bins for Little Hands
Balloon Tennis Gross Motor Play Activity
a cube made out of colored blocks sitting on top of a blue and green rug
Sponge Jinga-type stacking toy... At 8 sponges for a dollar (I cut each sponge into 3), I ended up with 24 pieces for a dollar. Definitely fun and budget friendly (not to mention quiet and offering unlimited open-ended play ideas).
several different colored blocks next to each other on a white surface with a pack of them
DIY Toddler activity-Velcro Lego! Dollar store craft blocks and velcro dots! $2 total cost. Awesome for plane rides!
several farm animals and cows are shown on the table with matching labels for each one
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