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a painting of a woman's face with her eyes closed and water swirling around her
an artist's depiction of the planets and their satellites in outer space with stars
SciFi Art on Twitter
an illustration of a woman with white hair and blue eyes, wearing a colorful sweater
Who run the world? Colourful portraits of Girls by illustrator Petra Eriksson
Most of the faces Petra Eriksson bases her portraits on are of complete strangers, taken from photographs found when she browses Pinterest. She'll then alternate and rework her subjects by changing their...
an illustration of a woman with white hair holding a banana in her right hand and looking off into the distance
by Liza Rusalskaya | @lizarusalskaya . Personal Account: @dsgncave Branding Inspiration: @branding.mob UI/UX Inspiration: @ui.mob Vector…
a woman with heart shaped sunglasses on her face and the caption reads, i love you
Les portraits colorés de Petra Eriksson
Nous vous proposons aujourd’hui de découvrir les œuvres de Petra Eriksson. Cette artiste d’origine suédoise est désormais basée à Barcelone. Ses illustrations vectorielles sont majoritairement des portraits mais pas seulement. Elle dessine aussi bien des célébrités que des personnages de son imaginaire. Son style très coloré et son travail sur les motifs constituent son identité […]
a woman with red hair wearing sunglasses and stars on her eyes in front of a pink background
Petra Eriksson Illustrates Women in Stunningly Colourful Portraits Art Photography, Art Drawings, Draw
Petra Eriksson Illustrates Women in Stunningly Colourful Portraits
a woman wearing sunglasses and a pink top
Pastel woman
Pastel woman on Behance
a man with red hair and white eyes
Why My Buzz Cut Brought Me Closer To My Family
a woman wearing sunglasses and a turban with a flower in her hair is looking at the camera
an orange full moon painted on a piece of paper next to some paintbrushes
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Imagen de drawing and art
a painting of a woman with pink hair surrounded by flowers
Handsome Frank • Home to the world's greatest illustrators
Born in Stockholm and based in Barcelona, Petra took a journey via Dublin and Malta on her way to becoming an illustrator.