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Máquina 3 em 1 promete revolucionar agricultura mundial

construction robots

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blacksmith and castings

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PAPR v2 by jwmelvin - Thingiverse

welding helmet

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Faltbare Licht-Box zur Fotografie ganz einfach selber machen! #DIY #Fotografie
Concept: A stand that consists of stackable modules, allowing for customization based on the printer size, number of printers, and storage needs. Each module could have specific functionalities, such as a drawer for filament storage, a locking cabinet for tools, a slide-out shelf for easy printer access, and ventilation for cooling. Features: Adjustable shelves, integrated power strips for easy plug-in of printers and accessories, and a top surface designed to dampen vibrations to improve print quality.
Purchased plexiglass from Home Depot and made an enclosure to keep in heat, keep out dust.

Mechanis tool set

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Map Compass

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rename later

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ALGIX utilizes algal blooms to produce biodegradable 3D-printing filaments, which requires less energy during production and during the printing process.
Makes for Small Parts Box - Parameterised (f360) by seaton - Thingiverse
We've listened to your stories, we've seen your photos and we found you a solution! INTRODUCING: 🔥Light Weight PLA High Temperature (LW-PLA-HT) 🔥 Our all new development, in co-operation with Luminy® PLA technology from TotalEnergies Corbion has a much higher resistance to heat than regular LW-PLA!

3d filament

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• Exceeds ANSI specs • Set includes: • 1/4" & 3/8" pearhead ratchets • 63 additional sockets • Two 3/8" spark plug sockets • 3" & 6" extension bars • High-torque ratchets with highly visible etching on sockets • Blow-molded case;


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Mine Crushers Working Principle And GIF Pictures | M&C


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Gold ,copper bullion

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cnc ,3d printer

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WERA EDC Tool Check Plus Box CASE Knipex Nitecore RECA without logo by edmanderl - Thingiverse


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#welding #weldingmachine #machine
Designed for comfort, safety, economy, productivity and durability in the USA!

metal working

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an instruction manual for the mini - dozer
MD 40-45 Plans - Assembly Manual | PDF | Belt (Mechanical) | Screw
some type of mechanical device sitting on top of a wooden table with screws and wrenches
Scale Model Jig - 1:32 to 1:72 - 10 Different Support Arms
the interior of an old car is shiny
Porsche's Natural Fiber Is Like Carbon Fiber Made From Plants
Welding machine for sale
#welding #weldingmachine #machine
an image of a machine that is working on it's gears and rotors
Nema 17 right angle gearbox with spiral bevel gears by dasaki