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Apps for Sailors: Spyglass
an image of many different types of knots on the webpage, all in blue and red
Boating Knots
Boating Knots | How to Tie Boating Knots | Animated Boating Knots: for my nautical kitchen
the truth about living on a sailboat is that it's hard to tell
14 Things Nobody Tells You About Living on a Boat
When living on a sailboat with a significant other, you have to figure out how to divide up the tasks. This is how we survive a minimalistic life in a tiny space on our liveaboard boat. #thewaywardhome #sailing #sailboat #boating #minimalism #minimalistic
a map showing the location of an area
How To Read A Nautical Chart | Boating Mag
The proper way to read a nautical chart.
a man sitting on the back of a boat looking through a telescope at the ocean
Celestial Navigation – Putting it all Together
A step by step guide to Celestial Navigation - for absolute beginners! #celestialnavigation #sailing #sextant
how to buy a sailboat without getting screwed
Free: 10 Steps To Buying A Sailboat For Long Term Cruising
There are a variety of areas where sailboat buyers can get it wrong...and it's not just about losing money. Buying a boat takes a lot of blood, sweat and sometimes tears. Some buyers 'live the dream' and other end up in a nightmare. Prevent your story from becoming a bad dream - read this guide! #Sailboat #Buying #HowTo #BoatBuying #LivingTheDream
an image of flags and their meanings
Sailing Terms
Sailing flags for decoration and learning station. Could easily have paper take home projects.