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a wooden table topped with lots of cards and magnets on top of each other
Giornata della famiglia 15 maggio 2022
a heart shaped card with an image of two people holding hands and the words i love you written on it
Art Dish
two paper dolls hanging from a string on a wall
Hora de Brincar e de Aprender
an image of a cartoon character's storyboard with characters and numbers on it
Téma: Já, rodina, rodokmeny - "Osobní list" jednotlivce
a bulletin board with pictures and hearts attached to it
children's drawings are displayed on the wall in front of yellow paper with colorful triangles
knutselen bij ons in huis
knutselen bij ons in huis - Google zoeken
an assortment of folded paper and scissors on a black background with the image of a house
Plano de Aula: Brinquedos e Brincadeiras
Projetos para Educação Infantil, Brinquedos e brincadeiras, lembrancinhas e planos de aula.
an image of a house made out of paper with the words i love my family on it
I ❤love my family
Ich und meine Familie Mehr