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Build a Remote-Controlled Lawn Mower

remote mower with alternator

remote control mower using a Marine alternator driven off the crank of the engine. The alternator didn't put out enough current to drive the mower withou.

RC Powered Lawnmower – THIS IS GENIUS!

RC Powered Lawnmower - THIS IS GENIUS! Are you one of the people who simply can't stand to do yard work? If manual labor is the last thing on your list of

Converted RC Lawn Mower

This is a video showing the first cutting test of my fully converted Fiskars Lawn Mower. It was converted using a welded steel frame, a pair of electric whee.


Self Driveing Lawn Mower Remote Control Autonomous Lawn Mower Using RaspberryPi

RC LawnMower with Sabertooth 2x25

I made this remote controlled lawnmower using the Sabertooth The motors came used from and electric wheelchair, and the mower itself was graciously don.