Food Safety and Sanitation

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Lab Safety Activity - Match the Lab Safety Rules (purple cards) with the Safety Scenarios (pink cards) Lab Safety Activities, Science Lab Safety, Physical Science, Science Activities, Science Ideas, Food Safety, Safety Games, Activity Ideas, 8th Grade Science

Lab Safety

Is anyone else bored with their school's 1970's lab safety video and classic tour-of-the-science-lab routine? I know I am. Here's a few of my lab-safety faves: 1. Make a Lab Safety Poster CHECK OUT THE PROJECT HERE. Student pairs are given a lab rule and make a poster. Graded with a rubric (and students self-assess). I love it for a great way to have student work collaboratively early in the year, which is a skill they will need for the science lab. it is also a great way to decorate the…

The dirty secrets about hand washing hand washing facts, proper hand washing, Hand Washing Facts, Hand Washing Poster, Proper Hand Washing, Health And Beauty, Health And Wellness, Health Tips, Women's Health, Anti Aging, Health Fair

3 Dirty Little Secrets About Hand Washing & How to Do It Right

We all know you're supposed to wash your hands, but is anyone really doing it? And what if that soap you're lathering up with is hazardous to your health? Get the down and dirty on all things hand washing right here. Dirty secret No. 1: Most people don't wash their hands A 2013 undercover study conducted by researchers at Michigan State University showed a whopping 95 percent of the people secretly observed in a public bathroom didn't wash their hands properly and that 7 percent of women and…

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Lab activity: Food Safety - Keep It or Toss It

This activity provides a hands-on way to review food safety rules using real world examples.

How Do You Pick Mutual Fund for Your Portfolio? Do's and Don'ts of Picking Mutual Funds [Infographic] Do You Pick Mutual Fund for Your Portfolio? Do's and Don'ts of Picking Mutual Funds [Infographic]Do's and Don'ts of Picking Mutual Funds [Infographic] Anatomy And Physiology, Inbound Marketing, Online Marketing, Life Science, Science Facts, Science Education, Good To Know, Just In Case, Health Tips

Bacteria in Our Daily Life (Infographic)

You’re going to spend your life surrounded by bacteria more than any other life form. Hundreds of thousands of times more, in fact. Some are beneficial, some are deadly, and far too many are probably crawling all over your toilet, your phone and your face right now.

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Equipment Activities: What am I? -

My classroom runs much smoother when my students are engaged in interactive activities. That's one of the reasons why I POST.IT.NOTESlove these activities! The first is a fun little game that gets students up, moving around and tests their knowledge of basic equipment used in the kitchen, the sewing room, or the nursery. All you need is a list of equipment and some post-it-notes or index cards. This activity can be prepared as a one time use activity or you can make reusable cards with…

Know the dangers lurking in your kitchen: Infographic - kitchen safety - Kitchen Safety infographic. Almost makes you want to stay out of the kitchen — almost! Culinary Classes, Culinary Arts, Kitchen Safety Tips, Food Safety And Sanitation, Lab Safety, Fire Safety, Food Lab, Food Food, Junk Food

Save A Finger & Share This Infographic With Your Friends

Save A Finger & Share This Infographic With Your Friends

MzKaylaPinz: Yeast Balloon Blow Up to Demonstrate Bacteria Multiplying at Room Temperature/always refrigerate pronto! Balloon Science Experiments, Science Projects, Nutrition Classes, Proper Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Culinary Classes, Culinary Arts, Facs Lesson Plans, Food Safety And Sanitation

Yeast Balloon Blow Up to Demonstrate Bacteria Multiplying at Room Temperature

As part of our discussion on food borne illness, I did an experiment to demonstrate how bacteria multiplies at room temperature. I got the idea from resources which I told you about yesterday. I also show it with my Safety and Sanitation Power Point and Numbers to Know Prezi. Some modifications for this time around... I didn't mess with the bowls of water. I simply left one bottle at room temperature and put one in the fridge. I had no sugar so I used corn syrup. It's a good…

How to Wash Dishes by Hand. Maybe a video will be inspiring! Science Education, Environmental Education, Food Science, Life Science, Chef School, School Fun, Culinary Classes, Culinary Arts, Food Safety And Sanitation

How to Wash Dishes by Hand

For more tips and techniques, go to our website at: Videos and recipes are available in both English and Spanish. Produced by...

Ignore the pic. but NBC Dateline clip on "Dirty Dining." Hidden cameras investigate cleanliness of America's top 10 fast food chains. Culinary Classes, Culinary Arts, Food Safety And Sanitation, How To Read A Recipe, Food Technology, Food Lab, Nutrition Classes, Today Latest News, Lose 30 Pounds

Dirty dining?

‘Dateline’ hidden cameras investigate cleanliness of America’s top 10 fast food chains. NBC's Lea Thompson reports.

A Trip Down Contamination Lane This infographic has it all: stats, causes and precautions. of foodborne illness outbreaks occur in commercial settings. The good news? They can be prevented. Nutrition Resources, Nutrition Classes, Culinary Classes, Culinary Arts, Food Safety And Sanitation, Food Lab, Us Foods, Food Science, Health Education

Chew On This: Impact of Food-Borne Illnesses [Infographic]

Illnesses caused by food-borne contaminants affect millions of Americans every year. Hundreds of thousands are hospitalized, miss work or even die. The result is a multibillion-dollar impact on the U

Would a health inspection shut down your kitchen? Would a health inspection shut down your kitchen? Culinary Classes, Culinary Arts, Food Safety And Sanitation, Science Diet, Nutrition Classes, Classroom Fun, Good Housekeeping, Food Hacks, Health And Wellness

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Would a health inspection shut down your kitchen?

** Excellent video by an… Choking First Aid, Food Safety And Sanitation, Heimlich Maneuver, Cpr Training, Parenting Done Right, Emergency Care, Disability Awareness, Medical Facts, Baby Health

Conscious Child Choking If a child is choking and conscious, signs include looking panicked, blue color around the lips, and the inability to talk, cough, or b...

Food safety music video set to "The Gambler".oh how my high schoolers will love this! Science Videos, Food Science, Culinary Classes, Cooking Classes, Career Education, Health Education, Food Safety And Sanitation, Food Vids, Food Lab

Food Safety Music - Don't Be a Gambler - Animation

A parody of Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler," as performed by Carl Winters.(c) Copyright 2007. Carl Winter, Food Safety Music. UC Davis.The animations were produced ...

A recent TED-Ed lesson by Yannay Khaikin and Nicole Mideo explains how germs spread and why they can make humans sick. Germs are found on almost every surface we come in contact with, which makes i. High School Health, Health Class, Health Lessons, Science Lessons, Lessons For Kids, Science Activities, Health Education, Life Science, Steam Education

How do germs spread (and why do they make us sick)? - Yannay Khaikin and Nicole Mideo

Germs are found on almost every surface we come in contact with, which makes it incredibly common for our bodies to be exposed to them. But why are some of these germs relatively harmless, while others can be fatal? Yannay Khaikan and Nicole Mideo explore this question by examining germs’ varying