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the text reads hide ads in chrome no extensions or extra needed, just use reading mode
Hide ads in Chrome browser
How to hide ads in Chrome browser without extensions. No extras are needed, just open the Reading Mode panel to hide the web junk on the internet. Read clean ad-free articles. #internet #technology #webbrowser #internettips
a hand holding a wallet with money in it and the words access your wallet in edge
Access your wallet in Edge
There is a wallet built into Edge browser. Open it and get to know it, it has some great features, and you can even earn rewards from various activities. Here is an easy guide to get you started. #technology #internet #browsers #computertips
three colored pencils sitting next to each other on top of a pile of shredded paper
Edit images in OneDrive
Use the built-in markup editor in OneDrive to mark up images using only a web browser. This is a great way to annotate images and no software is required. It works on a Windows PC and Apple Mac computer. #computertips #internettips #technology #microsoft
A screenshot of Safari on an Apple Mac. More features in Safari. Home Entertainment, Home Tv, Android Phone, On Off
More features in Safari
Use Safari flags to enable hidden features in the web browser on Apple Mac computers and the iPhone. Make the internet even better and preview upcoming browser updates before they go public. #technology #computertips #internet #appletips
An illustration of a laptop computer and an email. Outlook link previews. Technology, Outlook Mail, Outlook Email, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Some People
Outlook link previews
Use them or disable them, it's up to you. If you have not yet discovered this feature in Microsoft Outlook mail, here is how it works. Some people may find it brilliant, but others may find them an irritation. Try it on and off and see the difference in emails #emailtips #microsoftoffice #outlooktips #technology
A photograph of someone typing on a laptop computer. Use free online office apps. Office Suite, Boost Productivity, Computer Technology, Web App, Free Online
Use free online office apps
The alternatives to Microsoft Office you should use. These are free office suites that run in a web browser. No installation, no software, no fees, just a web browser. Anyone can use them to boost productivity on their computer. #technology #computertips #internettips #officetips
Illustration of icons for various email actions. Optimize your Gmail inbox. Out Of Space, Pc Computer, Run Out, Clean Up, Storage Space, Clean Out
Optimize your Gmail inbox
Don't run out of space on Gmail. Here's how to clean up, optimize and clear out junk from your inbox. Make space for more emails and clean out the junk using your Apple Mac or Windows PC computer. #computertips #technology #email #google
An illustration of a computer, phone, table and cloud storage. Save on iCloud storage. Saving Money, Cloud Storage, Save Money, Computer
Save on iCloud storage
Cut your costs on Apple iCloud plans for your Mac computer or iPhone. Here's how to downgrade iCloud to a cheaper plan and save money. Beat the price rises. #computertips #cloudstorage #technology
A laptop computer accessing the web. Take control of browser tabs. Opera, Take Control, Let It Be
Take control of browser tabs
Got too many browser tabs open? Use this new browser from Opera that uses AI to automatically manage them and organize them into groups. It's a great way to browse the web and use the internet. #internettips #computertips #technology #windows11
A screenshot of Edge browser showing two websites side by side. MS Edge split screen browsing. Split Screen, New Tricks, Side By Side, Web Page, Split
MS Edge split screen browsing
See two websites side by side in Edge browser with this tweak to settings. Split the screen, adjust the split, view a web page on one side and open links in the other side. Brilliant for your computer. #computertips #internet #technology
An illustration of the internet and connections between things. See web browsing history. Travel, History, Chrome Web, Tools
See web browsing history
Use Chrome journeys to see web browser history in a completely new way. View browsing history to see all the pages you viewed on the internet organized by site. You are missing out if you have not yet discovered this feature. #computertips #internettips #windowspc #applemac
A photo showing before and after removing an object in a photo. Technology Photography, Removal Tool, Online Tools, Your Photos
Remove objects in photos
Paint out people and objects you don't want in photographs. This online tool runs in a web browser on any computer and cleans up your photos. #technology #photography #internettools #computertips
A phone and a computer using cloud storage. Auto-name Dropbox files. Dates
Auto-name Dropbox files
How to automatically name files you store on Dropbox from your computer or phone. This is a great way to add keywords, dates, numbers and more. Just set it and forget it, and your files are automatically named #computertips #technology #windows11 #applemac
An illustration of email being sent from a computer. Disappearing emails in Gmail. Reading, Keep Private, Coding
Disappearing emails in Gmail
Send self-destructing emails in Gmail. Set an expiry date to stop them being read after a certain time. Require a 2FA code to open emails so only the right person can read them #computertips #internettips #emailtips #technology
A photograph of a laptop computer. Speed up Chrome browser. Computer Memory, Stop It, Slow Down, Speed Up, For Free
Speed up Chrome browser
Do this settings tweak to make Chrome better. It stops it from using all the computer's memory and slowing it down. You can have a faster browser and computer for free! #computertips #internettips #technology