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Since its creation in 1905, Rolex has been on a quest which assembles the skills of many and requires arduous work, day after day, year after year. A demanding…
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Rolesor – Unity within difference
This is our Rolesor. Developed in the 1930s, it combines steel and gold. Bold at first glance, this unique marriage of robustness and nobility has become a signature alliance; better yet, a symbol of unity within difference. Meticulously studied, this association showcases the emblematic parts of our watches – bezel, bracelet and crown – thanks to our 18ct yellow, white or Everose gold. A winning combination, Rolesor embraces contrasts. It creates no opposition, only endless possibilities.
Chronograph – Ready. Set. Go.
Our chronograph allows time intervals to be measured with absolute reliability. Its starts and stops, instantaneous. START. Perfectly accurate. STOP. Without a twitch. RESET. This ever-dependable performance results from the efficient system embedded in the Cosmograph Daytona’s calibre 4131. Its vertical clutch enables the time measurement function to start and stop while ensuring chronometric precision over time. Such is the prowess of our chronograph, leading the race in its field. START.
Jubilee bracelet – Emblematic
Our Jubilee bracelet, its emblematic weave recognizable at a glance. It combines fluidity and durability, offering unique comfort on the wrist. Years of research perfected the combination of two large satin-finished links, flanking three smaller polished links. Created for the Datejust, it was launched in 1945 to celebrate 40 years of craftsmanship and has never ceased to evolve. It now equips other watches in our collection, its remarkable finish reflecting the efforts that made it a classic.
Lugs – Traits of character
These are lugs. Carved into the same material as the middle case of which they are the natural extension, they form the crucial bridge linking the bracelet and the watch. Their shape is meticulously designed to become part of the identity of each model. Their polished or satin finish highlights the curves they draw. In a seemingly small in-between space, these lugs, with their confident aesthetics but discreet presence, do more than unite parts – they reveal the unique character of each watch.
President bracelet – His Excellency
Our President bracelet. Made exclusively from 18ct gold or 950 platinum since its unveiling in 1956 on the Day-Date, it features semi-circular three-piece links in a polished and satin finish. Its perfect symmetry radiates classical beauty while its evocative name reflects the brand’s commitment to constantly move forward. In 2015, ceramic inserts were added to enhance its comfort and resistance to wear. A further guarantee of excellence, one of the best examples of our watchmaking expertise.
Syloxi hairspring – The minute giant
This is our Syloxi hairspring. Crafted from silicon and introduced in 2014 on calibre 2236, it is produced entirely in-house. The unique geometry of this oscillator’s component guarantees the chronometric precision of the watch. Although it was designed for our small and medium-diameter models, and our thinnest watches, its size does not diminish its qualities. Elastic yet rigid, light but resistant: on a micron scale, the Syloxi hairspring has all the makings of a giant.
Crown guard – Close protection
Our crown guard. Designed to protect the winding crown, it was introduced in 1959 on the Submariner and GMT-Master before equipping most of our Professional watches. Stamped as an integral part of the middle case, it elegantly extends the case sides to the tip of the crown. Its unique design blends perfectly with each model’s curves, ensuring harmonious continuity of the case. Close protection requires two inseparable qualities: a reassuring presence and an ability to remain inconspicuous.
Helium escape valve – There and back again
Our helium escape valve, patented in 1967, protects our watches designed for extreme diving. Rolex invented it so that helium used for dives in hyperbaric chambers could be released during decompression. The valve triggers when pressure inside the case is too high. Thus, hermeticity is never compromised. The self-regulating system comprises a hermetic cylinder, a piston, a seal and a spring. Because when it comes to depth, the feat lies not only in the descent, but in returning to the surface.
Cyclops lens – At a single glance
Our Cyclops lens. Introduced in 1953 to enhance the legibility of the date, this curved lens, set on the crystal at 3 o’clock, above the window, is one of our most emblematic features. It has been continuously improved, from its composition to its shape, to achieve utmost efficiency. Today, it is made from a virtually scratchproof sapphire crystal and benefits from a double anti-reflective coating. This lens immediately catches the eye, bringing the date into clear focus at a single glance.
Triplock winding crown – The power of three
Introduced in 1970 on the Sea-Dweller, our Triplock winding crown, with a triple lock that creates three sealed zones. As early as 1926, our Oyster case came with a screw-down crown to stop water, sweat or dust entering. In 1954, we devised the Twinlock winding crown and its added waterproof barrier to counter any incident that could harm a gasket on a dive. As for our Triplock winding crown, a further safeguard in the unlikely event of the crown unscrewing itself 11,000 metres (36,090 ft) down.
Yellow gold – In the matter of excellence
At first glance, this 18ct yellow gold is indistinguishable from any other. Yet this one can be found only in our watches. At our Geneva foundry, we use a complex industrial process to guarantee its purity and homogeneity. Very malleable in its natural state, 24ct gold must be blended with silver and copper to become truly resistant. Only then can the alloy gain the incomparable attributes that make it our signature 18ct gold. A close look reveals this alloy is not only precious. It is unique.
Tachymetric bezel – Scaled to match your pace
Our tachymetric scale, introduced in 1963 with the Cosmograph Daytona. Inscribed on the bezel, whether in precious metal or high-tech ceramic, it identifies the model at a glance. Its unfamiliar graduation runs in descending order, from 400 to 60, with units further and further apart, enabling an instant measure of speed over a set distance. Start, then stop the chronograph for an instant reading. To be used as you race towards your next achievement, to measure the breadth of your performance.
Made exclusively from precious materials and accompanied by its emblematic President bracelet, the Day-Date 40 exudes elegance and prestige. Its index hour markers, hands and crown applique are crafted from 18ct yellow gold and complete the silver dial. Excellence lies in the details. Crown Applique, Abstract Coloring Pages, Rolex Women, Rolex Watches Women, New Rolex, Watches Photography, Rolex Men, Classic Watches
Rolex Day-Date 40
Made exclusively from precious materials and accompanied by its emblematic President bracelet, the Day-Date 40 exudes elegance and prestige. Its index hour markers, hands and crown applique are crafted from 18ct yellow gold and complete the silver dial. Excellence lies in the details.
Day display – Never abbreviated
This is our signature day-disc display, exclusive to the Day-Date. Unveiled in 1956, it has been available in 26 languages since 1973. Within its curvature, the new day appears at midnight, in perfect synchronicity with the date disc. We chose to ensure all seven days appear in full. Unabbreviated. It might seem a small detail, but it reflects our unrelenting will to do things completely, never cutting corners. After all, great accomplishments and grand designs are always written in full.
Brilliant like no other
Our famous fluted bezel. Presented on our Oyster in 1926 and designed to be screwed tightly to the case for waterproofness. Since 1953, however, it has been fixed by friction-fitting. So why keep it, sharpen its geometry? Simple. Once a feature to repel dust and water, it now lives to reflect the slightest ray of light. In 18 ct gold or 950 platinum, its fluting and finish have been enhanced with the same passion devoted to its original function. Instantly recognizable, our signature feature.