Smart Health Talk Top Greening Your Life Tip.  Solar Powered Window Socket.  Are these awesome or what.  Think of the applications.  How about hotel rooms where they never have enough plugs. Could you carry one with you everywhere just in case of an emergency and your cell phone was dying.  Just shows what kinds of things we could invent.

Solar Powered Window Socket

Solar Powered Window Socket designed by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh - The Window Socket attaches easily to any window, harnesses solar energy from its location, and transfers that energy into an internal battery.

Learn how to choose solar panels for your property such as this solar pergola.

How To Choose Solar Panels For Your Home

Pergola for solar panels.perfect way to conceal them! This is a great way to get solar on your property without all the hassles of how's my roof.

Solar Shingles - Living off the grid (FB)

Coming Soon: Dow Chemical's Ultra-Efficient Solar Shingles

Corning Willow Glass Used in Photovoltaic Shingles May Reduces Price Of Solar Energy. Us department of energies national renewable energy lab has combined willow glass with CdTe Photovoltaic to make cheaper solar roof shingles.

UNI-SOLAR SHR17 17W Flexible Thin Film BIPV Solar Roofing $55 Shingle

Renewable Energy – Solar Photovoltaic There has recently been a big influx of information on renewable technologies.

Solar-Wind hybrid system

Hybrid Solar Wind Kit MidNite / Premius Wind off-grid kits built on the MidNite E-panel power center with Primus Air 40 Wind Turbines. Pre-wired technology, safe, easy affordable energy for mid level applications.

The Future is Here: Introducing the Telsa Powerpack

The Future is Here: Introducing the Telsa Powerpack

the Powerpack with its potential for infinite scalability that ultimately have a larger impact. Like the Powerwall, the Powerpacks are in essence a battery but

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