Romana Mačicová
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Horná Streda village, Považie region, Western Slovakia.

Circle skirt pattern

Circle skirt pattern

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Hairspray (2007)

This is a picture of Rita Moreno who played Anita in the Broadway and movie versions of West Side Story. Anita, a feisty, mature, and sexy Latina woman, is a dancer in the show. I am a dancer too, and while I've already played this part twice in my life, I still look to Rita Moreno for guidance and inspiration. I love the role of Anita, and hope to play her professionally one day.

hey look out for that moving van driving down our street, you better lock up your man before he meets, the new girl in townnn

tv/movies: the remake of hairspray is one of my favorite movies and the reason why is the clothing. the 50s is my favorite time period because of the incredible sillouhettes. I'm not an expert but the movie did a great job recreating those big dresses.

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Čičmany - skanzen

Jánošíkove dni is an biggest international festival in Slovakia