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Almira - Mare - 2009 -Posman Line - (Mikhman - Arima)  ... (2016/03/17)

Almira - Mare - 2009 -Posman Line - (Mikhman - Arima) .

tickled-fancy : Photo

Shoe Tack Reserved Abigail, Dreamcatcher, Western Stirrup On the bit bracelet Equestrian Miss Manners II: Talking to Show

Storm Magic...

Dark pegasus on the beach - though they may seem gentle, pegasii are still powerful


Friesian horses were used by the knights of the Middle Ages to charge into battle. They are so beautiful and majestic. (I love the long hair it's anyways that's what I know about friesian horses -Sadira

Friesian Stallion, FREDERIK THE GREAT!

Black Friesian by Cally Matherly ~This is a 'Bitch, I'm Fabulous' if ever there was one.~ she is so beautiful just look at her hair omg