jesus is here.
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a girl is playing an electric guitar in the living room
two children are standing in front of the kitchen window looking out at the snow outside
just a momma with her special daughter🤍
a young boy and his dog are sitting on the bed with their hands in each other's mouths
Oh that's adorable
a woman wearing glasses is smiling and holding her hand up to her face with the words jesus proposed, i said yes imaginisters
SAYING YES TO JESUS: Loving trust and total surrender made Our Lady say yes to…
a woman holding a doll in her right hand and smiling at the camera while wearing a black shirt
Tree Change Dolls
I’m going to be on the radio tomorrow morning! Tune into 936 ABC Hobart at 7:20am with Ryk Goddard to hear my update on the world of all things Tree Change Dolls and my upcoming trip to New York with this little friend - Tessa the Travelling Tree Change Doll! #treechangedolls #rykgoddard
a woman sitting in a hammock with a doll on her hand and smiling
a man and woman kissing each other in front of a crowd
Boston interfaith service stresses city’s grace and strength in tragedy