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a handprinted card with a red ribbon on it
First day of school activity. First day of Kindergarten activity!!
First day of school activity. First day of Kindergarten activity!! by misty rea
a hand holding an apple on top of a table with the words setting the tone in the first 10 minutes of the first day of school
Setting the Tone in the First 10 Minutes of the First Day of School
You CAN set a calm, positive, hard-working classroom tone right away--like literally, in the first ten minutes of the first day of school! Come read…
icebreakers that rock 3 no - cheese activities that won't embarras students cut of pedagogy
Icebreakers that Rock | Cult of Pedagogy
Icebreakers That Rock: 3 No-Cheese Activities That Won't Embarass Students - Too many icebreakers require students to take massive social risks with people they barely know. Or they don’t really help students get to know each other. Or they are just plain cheesy. Here are three that are actually good.
an envelope with the words, the most important letters should be found on the first day of school
Teachers, You Must Send This Letter Home on the First Day of School! • Teacher Thrive
a bulletin board with the words 10 things not to do in front of it
What NOT to Do the First Day of School
What not to do the first day of school
a colorful poster with the words if your teacher tips from teachers who care
First Year Teacher Tips
Amazing advice and encouragement for new teachers, from teachers who care!
several different pictures with the words 20 portes creatives per decora la vita
20 puertas creativas para decorar el aula
there is a door decorated with balloons and the words where our adventure begins, begin
Decoracion puertas
a door decorated with bees and the words welcome to our hives, the best place to bee
Súper colección con más de 100 puertas para nuestras clases y salones. Ideas para toda ocasión
Welcome To Our Hive