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Obama and the liberals on the Supreme Court think the US Constitution is flawed, because it limits the Federal Government's power. I guess they didn't read the same history books I did. That was what Our Founding Fathers wanted, DOH: TO LIMIT GOVERNMENT! We Are The World, In This World, Just In Case, Just For You, United States Constitution, The Constitution, Constitution Quotes, Out Of Touch, Thats The Way

America America ... God Shed his Grace on Thee

In Celebration of Independence Day .. We remember how and what our Countries Foundation was built on .. Wishing everyone a Ve...

Remember when we were young and God was not expelled and banished from public schools? Remember how America as a young country was built on Godly foundations of Christianity? What happened? Please wake up. (From Former Pinner) I Love America, God Bless America, America 2, We Are The World, In This World, American Pride, American Flag, American History, American Freedom


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AMERICA'S MORAL FOUNDATION - 'fraid not. only two of the commandments are laws in america. of ten. it's almost like the constitution wasn't based on the bible at all or something. I Love America, God Bless America, We Are The World, In This World, Pomes, My Champion, Thing 1, In God We Trust, American Pride


 Respect and cherish the fallen, injured, and missing. I Love America, God Bless America, Hello America, American Pride, American Flag, American Independence, American Spirit, Native American, We Are The World

Old Glory, Tattered and Worn

My brother had this in his tree in the front yard since I 1st left for Iraq, 6 years ago. Took this photo while I was (am still) waiting for UPS.

The American Flag. aka Old Glory. USA red, white and Blue! Salute America with these American Made Goods! Iphone 5 Wallpaper, Of Wallpaper, Wallpaper Backgrounds, Cellphone Wallpaper, Phone Backgrounds, Phone Wallpapers, I Love America, God Bless America, Independance Day

America, God shed His grace on thee..... Never forget 9-11. RIP to those who lost their lives. May God comfort and be with their family and friends ❤

Progressives never use words related to Socialism, Marxism, Communism. Reproductive Rights, Community Organizing, Liberal Logic, Out Of Touch, Conservative Politics, Conservative Quotes, Socialism, Before Us, Way Of Life

Progressives never use words related to Socialism, Marxism, or Communism. Instead they use words such as universal healthcare, reproductive rights, and community organizing to replace words such as socialized medicine, abortion, and Communism.

Conservatism is a state of mind and a philosophy and a way of life and a belief system. So next time you see that short pretty (cough) chinese-looking girl in the short dress, don't write her off as a Demonrat! Conservative Values, Conservative Republican, Republican Party, Republican Girl, Raised Right, Thing 1, Political Views, Believe In God, God Bless America

The very definition of conservatism is the antithesis of the phenomenon known as social conservatism. If you don't recognize that, pause, reflect, and get back to me...

 It defies law. It’s either criminally stupid or criminally sinister. I believe the latter. Constitutional Law Professor Says Obama Guilty of Treason Posted on June 2014 by at Godfather Politics … God Bless America, Current Events, Wake Up, In This World, Knowledge, Sayings, Words, Obama Lies, Barack Obama

Winds of Jihad

The nation’s political leaders are stealing Australians’ freedoms from under their noses “on the false premise they are looking after us” according to Sky News host Alan Jones. “Of course, the outbreak needs to be controlled,” Mr Jones said. “But you shouldn’t be allowed to defend a flawed strategy to control a virus by prospering alarmism, hysteria and fear”. On Monday, Victoria’s coronavirus death toll rose to 39 following the death of a woman in her 80s. Mr Jones said “only a mad person…