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a black box filled with lots of different types of tools on top of a hard wood floor
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a chair and table in front of a colorful wallpapered room with plants on the walls
La Carta da Parati Perfetta per la tua Parete
a living room filled with blue couches next to a wooden coffee table and windows
a living room with two chairs and a green wall in the backround area
Industrial Office Studio
Industrial Office Studio on Behance
an office with three computer desks and two chairs in front of a large window
Office Interior | The AD Effect | Gandhidham
two black lamps hanging from the ceiling in a room with light blue walls and shadows on the wall
Manfrotto: Camera Tripods & Photography Accessories
Top Systems - Sky Track System - Alternative Supports - Products | Manfrotto
a man sitting in front of a mirror with lights on it and a camera behind him
IKEA Continuous Ring Light
This is AWESOME. If you go to the site, there's a great shot of what the reflection looks like in a person's eyes, which is way cool.
a camera sitting on top of a tablet computer next to a tripod with a lens
iPad Teleprompter by speedy777
a camera and tripod sitting on top of a wooden ceiling with text overlay saying diy ceiling camera mount installation no tripods
Easy DIY Camera Mount Ceiling Track Installation