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a painting of a person in a small boat on the water at sunset or sunrise
FISHERMAN — Pintura al oleo de Leonid Afremov
a black and white drawing of a wolf in front of a full moon with trees
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a drawing of a mushroom with a person holding a flower in it's hand
“Little Shroom”,pen ,11x8
“Little Shroom”,pen ,11x8 : Art
a black and white painting sitting on top of a wooden table
Simple geometry
Acrylic painting on canvas
an abstract painting with red, white and black colors on the water in front of a wall
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Landscape Art Abstract LANDSCAPE PAINTING Large Painting Artwork Red Sunset Art canvas Fine Art by Dallas artist maitreyii
a painting hanging on the wall with an orange and black swirl painted on it's side
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Kaufen Sie Passion Dance Abstract Malerei in der Liz W Art Gallery! Ursprung ...,, #abstract #dance #gallery #kaufen #malerei #passion #ursprung, #abstractart
an acrylic painting of the night sky with stars and trees
Jennifer Taylor
a painting of a black bird sitting on top of a tree branch with its beak open
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Top contender for my raven with key tattoo. I'd like a star in his eye, too.