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My hospital life
a man and woman laying in a hospital bed
a hospital room with medical equipment on the counter and in the background is a bed
a hand with an iv attached to it
a person's hand with an iv attached to the arm and bandaged wrist
Yes, I Blog About My Health For Attention. - Brooke Clarke
a person in a hospital bed holding the hand of another person with bandages on their arm
several people standing around a hospital bed with medical equipment on it and one person pushing the cart
Selenium Deficiency Part Three
a person laying in a hospital bed with an iv tube attached to the side of their arm
Went into to the ER last night around 9pm for a flair up. They decided to keep me overnight and we were sent hope around 10:15 this morning. Im doing better just resting and taking it easy. Thank you all for your kind words thoughts and prayers via Stories last night/this morning. I cant tell you how much I appreciate them!