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two wooden steps leading up to the top of a hill with text overlay that reads outdoor surfaces for the garden shop now
Landscape pavers for outdoor living
Introducing ORCA pavers: a collection of outdoor landscape pavers formed of earth. Composed of local clays and recycled stone, ORCA pavers are pressed, formed and fired to create a durable surface for the outdoors. Our pavers are naturally permeable, allowing water to pass through to the earth beneath them to replenish the land’s natural aquifers. #landscapedesign #gardendesign #landscapedesigner #gardens #sustainable
an outdoor dining area with wooden benches and lanterns hanging from the ceiling, surrounded by greenery
two wooden chairs sitting in the middle of a garden
A Fraction Of The Whole
A Fraction Of The Whole
two wooden posts with lights attached to them
Timberlab | Creators of sustainability | Wooden outdoor lighting
several large rocks and trees in the middle of a paved area with cobblestones
Australian Garden – Stage 2. Hmmm….
an outdoor area with tables and benches surrounded by trees in the back yard, near a wooden fence
OR.CA Montecito Landscape Project
an aerial view of a red bricked area in the middle of some bare trees