Saja Lady Bláznivá

Saja Lady Bláznivá

Saja Lady Bláznivá
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I can just imagine after she laughs at him, Annabeth just kinda strokes his hair and whispers "you drool when you sleep" and then give him a kiss on the forehead and omg major feels right now

Nico's just relaxing a little, bringing his guard down and showing a little more of that young care free Nico. So Jason noticed and found Percy's Ipod and let Nico use it while Percy was out for a .

cindersart: DID YOU THINK I WAS DONE WITH THIS AU. bc i’m not. anyway. gryffindor victory party and all the demigod dorks

The seven+Reyna, Nico and Will in Hogwarts.perfect Does anyone see solangelo dancing to the left, Percy covering Hazels eyes, Frank being like " WHAT iTHE." and Annabeth paying Reyna

heroes of olympus

What every Percabeth shipper hopes for in House of Hades. like they'll have time for that while they're in Tartarus