Fandom day! SPREAD THE WORD. This has to happen. It's coming up! Don't forget, my fellow fangirls/boys!!!!! I did this... On my dad birthday

SPREAD THE WORD. Don't forget, my fellow fangirls/boys! On my dad birthday<<<<<< my birthday! I pin thisnfor my birthday!


They Re real to me. Percy Jackson Sherlock The Host Star Trek Mortal Instruments Hunger Games Les Miserables The Hobbit Avengers Beautiful Creatures Harry Potter Divergent X-Men Star Wars Super Natural Doctor Who

Scott how dare you. And Wanda lost far more than confidence she lost free will

Everybody paid a high or a lower price. But in the end all who were in battle had a consequence.

Wanda lost more than her confidence. They all lost a bit more than just what's on here. Steve lost some of the people he called family. Natasha is forced to be a government pawn again. Wanda lost her freedom, her confidence, her trust in people.

Well shit.

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