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Dont cut!!!!!! Your very beautiful!!!! This is to anyone!!:)

They should glue them in to stop self harm. Go less and less every week, and snap elastic bands on your wrists. It's the only way to give it up, I know it sounds sad.

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Read story Adante by jjgrauwyler with 95 reads. depression, alone, hurt. A lexis has a problem B ut her problem is her addiction to cope

Such a meaningful picture.

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I remember when my legs use to look like this when I got done taking out my hatred on myself, nothing hurts more than the pain that comes with knowing that you failed yet again.  It's like how am I suppose to face the world if I cannot even face the hatred that others put upon me, the world is a much crueler place than the slurs and names thrown at me in high school

((Trigger warning if you all ever need to talk im here for you all)) *cuts* im a fuck up, im a screw up, im a mistake, I need to die, I hurt everyone and mess everything up.


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Fuck this cutting shit going on with today's youth. I fucking hate suicide. Fuck every sad thing fuck every mean thing.