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Samuel Jalakša

Samuel Jalakša
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Koenigsegg Prestera Concept by Richard Stark - Design Sketch

The second part of our exclusive report from the Umeå Institute of Design (UID)’s Degree Show with projects from the MFA in Transportation Design and the MFA in Advanced Product Design.

Koenigsegg motorcycle on Behance

Koenigsegg don't build motorcycles, but you can be sure that if they did, they'd be amazing. Like their cars, any Koenigsegg motorcycle would probably employ all sorts of high-tech components, ligh.

Lamborghini Ganador concept car, conceived by industrial design student, Mohammad Hossein Amini Yekta, in collaboration with the Italian manufacturer

A transport design student, has collaborated with Lamborghini to develop the concept of the car wedge design; through Lamborghini Ganador .

#LamborghiniVeneno Roadster! At a crazy $4.5 million... Is this the 'Most Expensive Car In The World'!? Click the image to find out...

This is the most expensive car in the world million. That's crazy. It is really sick though haha.

This is worth it

This is worth it


Laser Bike Lane Lights i work at a bike store that sells electric bike called revolution e bikes. this would be so amazing for my houston bikers.


Super magnetic smart putty may be the key to unlocking your thinking power. This putty can be kneaded, bent, torn, molded, and pulled in any way imaginable .