Beginning with a rear view of the home, we can see the simplicity of the chosen steel, glass, wood, concrete, and stone materials used throughout the construction. The form of the home is sleek, not calling attention to itself, almost daring you to guess what could be inside.

Casa LA was born out of an especially fruitful relationship between the architects, Elías Rizo Arquitectos, and the client. Thorough communication was established from the beginning and the architects were granted complete trust to translate their

El Refugio Inteligente by NOEM

This prefabricated refuge was designed by NOEM, combining two prefabricated wooden modules. This smart house is located in Castellón de la Plana, Spain.


When it comes to designing posh urban homes, architects often try and utilize every inch of available space. But this beautiful LA House in Mexico designed by Elías Rizo Arquitectos…

El Refugio Inteligente by NOEM (1)

Designed in 2014 by Noem, this prefabricated picket retreat is located in Castellón de la Plana, Spain.

Villa Spee Haelen by Lab32 architecten (33)

Villa Spee Haelen is an inspiring modern family villa in the Netherlands. Let's see how a minimalist home caters to the needs of a modern family.