Teaching: First Day of School

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a collage of different items with the words, letters, and symbols on them
Retro Back to School and End of Year Bulletin Board Kit, Retro Vibes Theme, Easy and Modern Classroom Decorations
a game board with words that say tell me about my favorite food and things around the world
First Day / Week of School Activities - Back to School Getting to Know You Games
the words would you rather know what to do with these question cards for kids?
Would You Rather Questions for Kids
a bulletin board with sticky notes attached to it and the words bathroom? yes u wait
Adventures In Kinder and Beyond
A great interactive anchor chart to make at the start of the school year. Solves the perpetual "when can I go to the bathroom?" problem!
the teacher's complete kit includes an earth globe, bookshelf and desks
5 Tips to Your Best “Meet the Teacher Day” Ever! - Adrienne Teaches
I look forward to student orientation every year! In my county, we call it “Meet the Teacher Day”! It is a 3 hour span the day or two before school starts where students and parents can…