Miluj svoj život♥
Miluj svoj život♥
Miluj svoj život♥

Miluj svoj život♥

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The Joker...I can only hope that I find this man so attractive because I subconsciously know it's my lifelong love Jared Leto underneath because I'm not sure I want to know what it says about females who find this appealing.

The Jokers by Bryanzap on DeviantArt

Split #harleyquinn and Margot Robbie #joker and Jared Leto. Waiting patiently for the movie. #batman

This picture is awesome. (I have a feeling someone drew this during a lesson though) Xx

Joker EMPIRE Textless by MessyPandas

A Suicide Squad alternative movie poster created for Washington Post, featuring the Joker's mouth

Imagem de joker, suicide squad, and harley quinn