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Sara Koperova

Sara Koperova
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I really like when he does the colors with the blonde!

[FC Kian Lawley]Hey I'm Kian! Um 18 and weird. Bandannas, hair dye, cats, and starbucks is life. I wear flower crowns. I like to cuddle. Oh and punks not dead it just went pop! Ummm yup that's me

Kian Lawley

I'm Kian! I'm single and I enjoy youtubing, penny boarding, skateboarding and eating.

Kian Lawley #kian

[[Kian Lawley]] Hey, I'm Tate. I'm just a good kid that likes to act like he's rebellious. I'm kind of funny according to sources. (My mom) I like Vampire Weekend more than humanly possible.