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a close up of a white cloth on a tile floor
T1-MMT-P1-p3-e2 Using a heat gun – third session
there are many different objects that can be seen in the water or on the ground
Immerse — Leisa Rich
two different colored papers are next to each other
Fabrics & Textiles Mixed Pack Tyvek & Lutradur (10 shts total)
two pieces of art that are on the wall
Kleine werkjes met ander materiaal
Art -textiel en meer....: Kleine werkjes met ander materiaal
an abstract painting with blue, red and orange colors on it's surface is shown
Sue Hotchkis
an abstract painting with lines and shapes in the water, as if it were made out of glass
Atlantic Swell Collection I Emily Sladen I Embroidery Artist
several pictures of different types of yarns on a white surface, including blue and green