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How to get rid of those pesky pores

The mere idea that reducing or shrinking pores can be expensive is just an illusion! Since ages, natural ways have proved to be effective. Find more in this article.

At Home Pore Strip... This totally works!   But be warned - you better bring your highest tolerance for pain. Not only does this pull all the junk from your pores, but it is basically a slow and fairly painful full face wax.  Whatever you do - Stay way from your eyebrows! And just and FYI that the jaw line is where it starts to get really sensitive.     I cried a little.

Homemade Biore face mask peel off mask. somewhat painful but works great. Removes black heads and dead skin leaving skin looking great and soft as can be!

Sometimes you just don't have enough time to properly apply your makeup so follow these simple steps to Look Good Without Makeup!

How To Look Good Without Makeup… I’m in love with all these tips! Sounds legit too. How To Look Good Without Makeup… I’m in love with all these tips!

How To Have An At-Home Spa Day That Feels Like The Real Thing

How does someone who works at a spa treat themselves when they need a little TLC? A DIY home spa day, of course! Having created countless spa days for clients,

Really?  Just soaking your nails in salt water or cider vinegar - will have to try this!

DIY Nail Strengthener Method 1 - Soak your nail in 4 tbsp cider vinegar for 2 minutes. Method 2 - Put 1 tsp table salt in a glass of cold water and soak your nails in the solution for 2 minutes