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the rama word search is shown in this printable worksheet for arabic and english students
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an info sheet with different types of items in the middle and lower part of it
Shining Eid Al Adha with QBP
an info sheet showing different types of boats in the water
QBP for Beginner Under 2 years old Vol.1
the poster shows different activities for children to learn in their own language, including numbers and letters
QBP Thaha Based Activity
the poster shows different types of children's books and their names in english, arabic,
QBP Asmaul Husna for Rabbani Generation Vol.3
the poster shows different types of boats and people in various countries, with text describing them
QBP Asmaul Husna for Rabbani Generation Vol.5
an image of the inside of a building with columns and pillars in it's center
Ummatii — sabrofaseapearl: asifeq: Inside the KABAA : ...
an illustrated map shows the location of hajj and its locations in different languages
The process of Hajj (pilgrimage) for Muslims- blue - H - Salamcomics
This is a poster presenting the verses of Quran(Muslims holly book) about Hajj (pilgrimage) process. You can see all the steps that a Muslim should do in Hajj. For each part we selected a verse of Quran close to that step. In "Quran Educational Posters" series we tried to use Quran verses as the pos
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Islam Channel Hajj Brochure 2013