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a quote that says if you don't fill your mind with the word of god
a quote from c s lewis about life with god is not immutity from diffracities, but peace in difficicies
Classic Woodie
a poem written in black and white with the words beautiful woman uses her lips for truth
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the quote god if i'm not where you need me to be pray, you lead
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As Believers we should never think we have “arrived.”
a quote that reads,'the woman who learns to wait as she prays and never loses her patience for god's time is the best time
#Sherises 💯‼️💕
a quote that reads, i will tell you how she got everything she has put god first
a quote that says she made it her mission to help others see how good god is
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a quote that reads, growing closer to god is not the result of trying harder but of
the quote for you are the daughter of the king so walk like it, talk like it dress like it and wait for the god man who treats you like it