Alexandra Goffová

Alexandra Goffová

I'm from slovakia, I like drawing,crafting and fashion. I want go to Japan and my dream is to "Visit every beautiful and somehow rare place in the world!"..I li
Alexandra Goffová
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Rhodochrosite Rhodochrosite with Quartz & Pyrite amethyst (Purple, crystal, gemstone, mineral) Pink Tourmaline Ring in Blackened Sterling Si.

Purple Purple Purple

Amethyst Are your kids interested in collecting rocks? Help them start their collection with these tips.

Alpines: Geometry + Nature

The hexagon, one of nature's strongest shapes, is used by bees to create the hive. The internal angles of a hexagon always combine to 720 degrees.

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Royal Crown, Fall Winter 2013 Fashion Weeks: Dolce Gabbana The Dolce Gabanna arrangement of heavily jeweled diadems with the alignment of pearls are impressively accurate to the ones worn by Byzantine royalty.