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19 Funny Quotes About Life For Those Uber Stressing Days
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Please be patient
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After the Honeymoon
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A Sunday school teacher was talking about Heaven
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Dad what's that hanging - Day Jokes
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Why are you so happy?
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God reveals the difference between women and men
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A woman comes home and tells her husband no more headaches
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Dad cooks deer for dinner and doesn't tell the kids. He gives them a clue. "It' 3 what your mother " calls me" The son yells "It's a fucking dick, don't eat it!" - iFunny
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I accidentally wore a red shirt to Target today and, long story short, I'm covering for Debbie this weekend. - iFunny
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This Woman Drew A Comic To Explain To Her Husband Why She’s So Tired, And It Will Crack You Up
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Due appointment with the gynaecologist - Day Jokes
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The Truth! | Hapbalili