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Circle Forms, 1930 Giclee Print by Robert Delaunay -

Circle Forms, 1930 By Robert Delaunay: Category: Art Currency: GBP Price: Retail Price: European Abstract Colourful Art Deco…

Georges Braque - Fruitdish and Glass (1912). Papier collé and charcoal on paper

Fruit Dish and glass (Fruit et Verre) // Georges Braque, Part of Leonard A. Lauder's Cubist Collection donated to the Met

ma-jolie by Pablo Picasso. He is famous for being the co-founder of cubism which is a style of painting where objects of the painting subject are broken up and re-painted in an abstract form. 39 3/8 x 25 3/4" (100 x 64.5 cm) 1911-1912

Ma Jolie, by Pablo Picasso (My pretty girl) was the refrain of a popular song performed at a Parisian music hall Picasso frequented. The artist suggests this musical association by situating a treble clef and music staff near the bold, stenciled letters.