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an info sheet showing the different types of vehicles
Photography Cheat Sheet – Exploring Your Camera’s Manual Settings
a person holding up a camera with the text how to choose your camera's focal point
Camera Focus Points: Take Better Photos By Changing Your Focal Point
This #photography tip was a game changer for me as a photography beginner learning how to shoot in manual mode. Click through to read this photography lesson to learn 3 reasons why toggling your focal point is powerful in helping you take better pictures and learn how to change your focal point on your own #dslr. #camerasettings #dslrphotography #beginnerphotographytips #photographytutorials #photographylessons #photographytechniques #manualmode #photographybasics
the silhouette of a person taking pictures with a tripod and text overlay that reads, 10 things you should master on your dsr camera
10 Things You Should Master on Your DSLR Camera
a green sign that says how to photograph morning mist
How to Photograph Magical Morning Mist
the words tips for abstract photography on top of an image
Abstract Photography and What You Should Know
a camera with the words how to use your dslr camera on it and an image of
How to Use Your DSLR Camera: 15+ Photography Tutorials
three photos with the title tips to photograph reflections
How to Photograph Reflections to Create Stunning Images
Water reflection shots can be tricky, but if you do it right, they are breathtaking! Check out these tips on how to photograph reflections in water to create stunning images. It also includes what camera settings you need to change and the best time of day to do it! Don't forget to save this to your photography board.
a person sitting on the ground with a camera in their hand and text that reads, beginner photography
9 Beginner Photography Mistakes and Tips For How To Avoid Them
a forest with trees and fog in the background text reads how to photograph trees & forests
How to Photograph Trees & Forests
How to Photograph Trees and Forests // Learn how to capture beautiful images of woodlands on camera. // trees, forest, woodland, landscape photography, photography tips, autumn, landscape
the f - stop chart is shown in black and white
F-Stop Chart Infographic / Cheat Sheet
Many beginner photographers struggle to get to grips with the concept of apertures and f-stops, but we're here to take away all that confusion with our handy, easy-to-understand F-Stop Chart infographic. Click here to finally understand everything about apertures and f-stops! #photography #infographic #photographytips #beginnerphotography #learnphotography
an old camera sitting on top of a wooden table with the words over 100 tutors to improve your photography
Great site for Free Photography Tutorials!
a person sitting on the ground in front of a wooden fence with text overlaying it
9 Beginner Photography Mistakes and Tips For How To Avoid Them
Beginner photography tips for helping the new photographer eliminate common mistakes. Learn to take better photos, understand aperture, get super sharp images every time and knowing how all the buttons on your camera works. Tips apply to users who shoot Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm or any other. Depth of field, white balance. Great article and tutorial for beginners. #beginnerphotography #beginnerphotographytips #beginnerphotographytutorial #beginnerphotographyarticle
a woman holding up a camera with the words, i guarantee you will master photography after watching these 3 quick videos
Master Your Camera with This Complete Guide to Photography