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a red and white paper plate with hearts cut out of it's sides on a wall Мастер-класс «Пасхальное яичко»
a paper cut out of a rabbit sitting on top of a wooden table next to a purple circle
a paper cut out of an egg with a ducky face and flowers on it
Decorazione Pasqua pulcino 3D da appendere - Lavoretti Creativi
Decorazione Pasqua pulcino 3D da appendere
a paper plate with flowers cut out of it Мастер-класс «Пасхальное яичко»
Мастер-класс «Пасхальное яичко». Воспитателям детских садов, школьным учителям и педагогам - Маам.ру
Tape Resist Easter Eggs
Tape Resist Easter Eggs - a fun art activity for kids for Easter! Just use washi tape or painter's tape and paint! Get the free printable Easter Egg template on the post.
a table with many colorful birds on it and some chairs in front of it that have been made out of construction paper
Pin by chrissie on animaux | Kindergarten art projects, Preschool crafts, Kindergarten art lessons
an open cardboard box with chickens on it