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Normalmente eles fazem essa arte, com argamassa, com secagem rapida, usando o corante.
a large white piece of art sitting on top of a floor
Enérgheia - Moulded canvas sculpture, acrylic and resin on panel
Creation year 2013 Dimensions 150 x 100 x D 7 cm Technique Moulded canvas, acrylic and resin on panel About Unique pieces that mainly take sinuous and baroque forms. They are mainly white to highlight their shape. Otherwise, they reflect the colors of the variety of organic nature.
Light extravagant gold foil abstract hand-painted oil painting
✔A hand-drawn acrylic / oil painting on canvas, unframed /unstretched. ✔Packing: rolling and transporting in solid tube. ✔Style: abstract painting. ✔The default value for oil painting is UNSIGNED. ✔Material: professional acrylic / oil painting paint, canvas, hand-painted. ✔This painting has an extra 2-3 inch white border for stretching or framing. ✔Delivery time: you will receive this painting within 7-10 days. ✔Cost to ship:Free Shipping Globally