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Celtiberian mercenaries, Second Punic War, by Angus Mcbride

However, there were other Celt-Iberians who resented the Carthaginian exploitation of their lands and welcomed the intervention of Rome in Spain. They fought together to rid the land of Punic invaders. It was an alliance the Celts would regret.

Саймон Скэрроу | Древний Рим

Battle of Ilipa, 206 BC, by P a b l o O u t e i r a l (I imagine those are celtiberians of the Carthaginian side)

"Carthaginian infantry, 3rd century BC", Andrei Karaschuk (А Каращук)

Carthaginian infantry fighting in a phalanx with Libyan skirmishes ahead of them, century BC - art by Andrei Karaschuk (А Каращук)

Libio - fenicios en el sur de la Península Ibérica con un guerrero íbero.

Carthaginian warrior of the Sacred Band, and two Libo-Phoenecian warriors, left: a heavily armed elite warrior and on the right: a skirmish warrior, at the Battle of Thapsus