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the wild dyer book cover with hands holding garbage in a bucket and an apron over it
The Wild Dyer
Take a journey with Abigail Booth as she teaches you the foundations of natural dyeing and guides you through simple steps to create unique projects. Available from The Woolery.
a spool of thread sitting next to some flowers on a piece of cloth with a needle in it
dyeing with foeniculum vulgare // results
two skeins of yarn sitting on top of a doily
Dyeing with Sumac berries
Dyeing with Sumac berries – Town Dyer
three skeins of yarn and leaves on a white surface
A Trial of Birch Leaf Dye
a skein of yellow yarn sitting on top of a wooden table next to a green plant
Natural Orange Dye – The Magic of Jewelweed - KnittyVet
there are many different types of yarn hanging on the line outside in front of a fence
Woad – backyard dyer
a potted plant sitting on top of a table next to scissors
Natural Dye Workshop with Kathryn Davey
How to naturally dye with plants - A Guide to Seasonal Colour - A Summer Palette - I’ll be showing you what dye plants are in season at the moment , what colours you can expect, how to extract the dye & dye you fibers. It’s 2.5 hours & it will be packed with lots of information plus you’ll be able to practice alongside from the comfort of your home #kathryndavey
Crafts, Ideas, Dyeing Yarn
Dyeing with Dock - The Knitting Shed
a pot filled with green leaves on top of a wooden table
TUTORIAL: How to Create Beautiful Earthy Tones Naturally with Nettles and Other Leaves
four different types of linens on a white sheet with words describing the names of them
a beige knitted hat with two pom poms